AMI Automation has successfully commissioned a DigiFCR® X4 at SSAB Iowa’s DC EAF Rectifier.

The DigiFCR® X4 uses technology to upgrade controls and firing circuitry of large power rectifiers, which according to AMI Automation, solves operational and obsolescence problems without making a big investment and longer shutdowns.

DigiFCR® X4 has been designed by AMI to control any brand of DC EAF Rectifiers with advanced controls, high speed response, and ‘expanded diagnostics tools beyond conventional capabilities and remote monitoring’.

The upgraded power rectifier’s circuitry was then interfaced with AMI’s electrode regulator, taking advantage of DigiFCR® X4 native coordination with DigitARC® PX3. AMI will also upgrade the controls and firing boards of SSAB Iowa’s existing Static VAR Compensator using a DigiFCR® SVC with the same technological platform as the DigiFCR® X4.

The full suite of AMI solutions to control Power Systems (DC EAF Rectifier, SmartFurnace® and SVC) will allow SSAB Iowa to have better arc stability, power consumption, increase their panels’ life, and respond faster and smarter to each heat stage, says AMI Automation, while monitoring the entire furnace operation.