The American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI) has just released the 2012 Annual Statistical Report.

Steel industry professionals, analysts, and anyone tracking industry trends will benefit from the extensive data and graphs that focus on the US, but also cover Canada, Mexico, and the global steel landscape.

The 130+ page report’s powerful data tables, graphs, and analysis include:

  • Financial & Productivity Highlights including income and cash flow, as well as Employment & Wage Data’;
  • Mill shipments (by product, grade, month, end-use market, and more) including 10 year trends;
  • Imports & exports (by country, month, customs district) including 10 year trends;
  • Raw Steel Production (by furnace type, grade, cast, state distribution, month & quarter, and capability utilization);
  • Raw material and input consumption data (pig iron, iron ore, scrap, manganese ore, coal, fluxes, coke, ore & agglomerated products, electric power, oxygen, fuels)
  • Global Statistics (Canada, Mexico, World Statistics).

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