Sponsored by the Spanish based automation and water treatment specialists, Russula, ‘A History of Iron & Steel − To Commemorate 25 years of Russula’ contains 68 articles on the history of iron and steel selected from those published in Steel Times International over the past 10 years.

The hard-back book commences with a time-line outlining the history of Russula followed by the steel history articles. These are grouped into ‘Personalities’; ‘Regions’; ‘Technology’; ‘Warefare’; ‘Civil Engineering’; ‘Commemorative’ and Archive. The latter includes book reviews and a review of the British Film Institute archive of steel related films.

Commemorative has two articles on postage stamps with the theme of iron or steelmaking, while Civil Engineering looks at the use of wrought or cast iron or steel in construction. Warfare covers guns and armour.

Technology is the largest section and covers the greatest time span from bloomery ironmaking to exhibits at the Chicago Exhibition of 1893.

Personalities is the second largest section which looks at some of the pioneers of iron and steel production.
Articles relate to many regions of the world and a section on ‘Regions’ includes those pages that focus on regional developments such as the first ironworks in Canada, the Iron Trail in Austria, Peter the Great’s establishment of the iron industry in Russia and the late 19 century steel industry of USA.

‘A History of Iron & Steel − To Commemorate 25 years of Russula’ Edited by T G Smith Published by Quartz Business Media 76 pages Hardcopy Price £25-00 + P&P. Available from Steel Times International, Quartz Business Media, 20 Clarendon Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1QX, UK

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