Alacero, the Latin American Steel Association, reports that there are currently 27 resolutions in force against steel imports from China and a further four investigations in progress in the region.

On Friday 19 June the Secretary of Economy of Mexico published a final resolution of an investigation into imports of cold-rolled steel sheet from China and imposed anti-dumping duties ranging from 65% to 103%. The investigation started in December 2013 following applications from Ternium Mexico and AHMSA.

Just over a month ago, the government of Peru established a definitive anti-dumping duty order on imports of hot-rolled steel pipes from China and applied anti-dumping duties of between US$60 and US$90 per ton.

According to Alacero the problem of rising steel imports from China is serious and affects most countries in the Latin America region, which is the second most important destination for Chinese steel, it is claimed.

“During the first four months of 2015, 3.2Mt of Chinese steel entered Latin America, many of them under unfair trading conditions,” said Alacero. “This volume is 29% higher than in the same period in 2014 and represents 39% of the total imports of finished steel of Latin America.”