Steel Times International Issue
November-December 2021

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2 Leader

By Matthew Moggridge.

4 News round-up

The latest global steel news.

8 Innovations

New products and contracts.

16 Innovations special

Upgrade gives 40% capacity boost

18 USA update

Tariffs: Biden under scrutiny.

20 Latin America update

What a difference a steel mill makes!

22 India update

Indian steelmakers raise production capacities.

24 Minimills

Boom time for US electric steelmakers.

31 Process control

Measuring coal levels using radar.

34 Iron ore

Steelmakers – decarbonize now!

36 Transportation & handling

Complex steel pipe deliveries.

42 Transportation & handling

Shaping the future of logistics.

44 Transportation & handling

The right equipment for the job.

48 Perspectives Q&A: Schneider Electric

We talk to Mo Ahmed, global segment solutions (metals).

51 History

Recent finds at a Wealden furnace.