March 2019

This year, the Future Steel Forum takes place in two venues: the main European event moves from Warsaw to Budapest; and there will be a Future Steel Forum Asia in New Delhi.

The European event takes place in September at the Sofitel hotel in the Hungarian capital, and the Asian Forum will be at the Leela Ambience Hotel in India’s capital city in November.

The programme for the Budapest event will be published shortly and one of the many subjects to be discussed will be cyber security.

Did you know that cyber risk now contributes to the overall mix of fiduciary responsibilities assigned to officers and board members of companies regardless of their size? It’s true, according to a company called e-sentire. And are you aware that a recent independent survey of 1,250 global security and business leaders found that 60% of them predict a major cyber attack over the next two to five years? The phrase ‘cyber attack’ sounds a little more important and a lot more futuristic than plain old ‘hacking’, which is really what a cyber attack is all about: somebody hacking into something and wreaking havoc with whatever it happens to be. We all worry about cyber attacks on health service computer systems, power networks or transport infrastructure, but they present a major threat to industry too, particularly manufacturing.

Among this year’s Forum speakers are a handful of people who intend to tackle cyber security head on. I won’t reveal any names as the programme has yet to be published, but one leading academic from an American university intends to talk about ‘Security in Cyber-enabled Design and Manufacturing,’ while a leading authority in Europe on all things Industry 4.0 will be discussing automation in the era of digitalisation, claiming that while massive production breakdowns are rare in the global steel industry, cyber attacks on steel producers have become a real threat and must be treated holistically, embracing not just firewalls, internet restrictions and staff compliance, but also automation systems.

As another speaker puts it, ‘cyber security ensures that no intruders gain access to the machines’.

Future Steel Forum, Budapest, 25-26 September; Future Steel Forum Asia, 20-21 November, New Delhi, India. Further details,


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