July/August 2018

All of a sudden there appears to be a lot of ‘game changing’ going on in the world of steel manufacturing. On one level we have the arrival of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. Since Mr Trump’s arrival the steel industry globally has been wondering (and dreading) what’s going to happen next and now, of course, it knows: 25% tariffs on steel, the strong possibility that exports destined for the USA will head for Europe, and let’s not forget the promised trade war, which is about to kick off.

Then we have the more positive news of greener steel making in the shape of the HYBRIT initiative in Sweden, which, it is claimed, will reduce the country’s total carbon dioxide emissions by 10% and Finland’s by 7%. Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven recently broke ground on the world’s first pilot plant for creating fossil-free steel.

It’s hard to talk about steelmaking without mentioning digitalisation and Industry 4.0 – something else that has, to a degree, crept up on the steel industry and is gradually gaining ground thanks to forward-thinking steelmakers and conferences like the Future Steel Forum, which last month had its second outing at the Sheraton Warsaw hotel in Poland and was well received by delegates.

Dr. Pinakin Chaubal, general manager, ArcelorMittal Global R&D, opened this year’s event with a keynote presentation in which he spoke of a ‘tornado of change’ sweeping across the world. He said that there were massive technological changes taking place – such as ‘big data’, additive manufacturing, autonomous and electric cars – and warned delegates that those who don’t innovate will die. 

Everything moves on and the Future Steel Forum is no exception. Next year we are planning not one, but two events: our key conference in Europe, which will be held in Budapest in 2019, and an Asian Future Steel Forum that will take place in November in India.

With India now the second largest steelmaking nation in the world next to China, we felt that it would be a good place to widen the Forum’s global perspective and expand the brand.

It goes without saying that I am now looking for speakers for both the European and Asian events, so let me know if you’re interested in presenting a paper.

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