December 2019 – Digital Issue

There’s nothing better than being in the heart of the city as the days edge towards Christmas. Alright, given the choice, I’d rather be in a German city, like Stuttgart, during the festive season, but when push comes to shove, London will do, even if I don’t subscribe to the view that when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life. I’m not a great fan of the UK capital, but that’s because familiarity has bred contempt.

Why Stuttgart? Well, a couple of years ago I found myself on a business trip related to my obsession of the time: creating the Future Steel Forum conference, which was nearing the end of a good two years of in-depth research. Stuttgart was where I met Professor Dr. Dirk Schaefer of the University of Liverpool, a man with whom I have struck up a strong working relationship based around the development of the Forum, which next June celebrates its fourth successful year.

That the Future Steel Forum is ahead of the game (I hate the word ‘curve’) was brought into sharp focus earlier this month when I found myself in London at the annual BMPCA luncheon, listening to the publisher of a UK-based manufacturing magazine as he talked to guests about the importance of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 – a subject close to the Forum’s heart.

The fourth Future Steel Forum takes place in the Czech Republic at the Grandior Hotel, Prague, 2-3 June 2020. And guess who is speaking? None other than Dave Stickler, CEO of Osceola, Arkansas-based Big River Steel, an innovative American company that epitomises what can be achieved with digital manufacturing.

Also confirmed are Stephen Pratt, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based, and Professor Dr. Katya Windt, member of the managing board of SMS Group. Both companies continue to play an important technological role in the Big River Steel project.
Also signed up to speak is Sergey Detyuk,  CEO of Metinvest Digital of the Ukraine, and we are expecting papers from other leading steelmakers, technology companies and experts in the field of subjects like additive , machine learning, cyber security and other related areas linked to the factory of the future.

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