Modern Logistics For Indian Metals and Minerals

Date: 05 - 05 February 2019

Location: Shangri-la, New Delhi, India.

The logistics sector is changing fast across the globe and logistics performance is envisioned as the key to economic growth and competitiveness.  The nature of demand, type of players, use of modern technologies, on-time deliveries, new risks, and policy concerns have given an entirely new dimension to logistics, which was earlier pursued as a simple movement of goods from one point to another. Logistics has an important bearing on the performance, economic development and integration of a country.

The role of logistics in the global economy is better recognized today than it was 10 years ago. Today, logistics encompasses regulation of services, sustainability, and resilience. It comprises an array of activities beyond transportation, including warehousing, material handling, packaging, timely dispatch, siding and terminal operations, and related data and information management.

Supply chain reliability is the key to logistics performance. In a global environment, consignees require a high degree of certainty as to when and how deliveries will take place. Reliability and speed are the foundations of a successful logistics network. Good logistics services also reduce the final cost of the product and transaction as a whole.

World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index which ranks every country on the basis of their customs, infrastructure, ease of arranging shipments, quality of logistics services, timeliness, and tracking and tracing; has ranked India 44th with a score of 3.18. In comparison, India’s major trading partners like Germany, US, European countries, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia are ranked better because of their superior logistics arrangements.

Indian steel and mineral industry which is looking at 300 million tons of steel production and approximately 200 million tons of finished steel movement, along with another 500 million tons of raw material movement has to be more competitive and efficient in time to come.

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