Steel times features

Optimisation of EAF operating practice using iCSMelt

An optimisation tool developed by CSM for the EAF has been implemented at Duferco la Louvière where in different configurations a reduction of close to 1% in total specific energy consumption and of 3.25% in specific electrical power consumption has been obtained depending on charge mix…

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Unlocking the myths about plasma cutting

The view that plasma cutting systems are expensive and difficult to use is outdated. Advanced technology means plasma systems are versatile and can be used on thick and thin metals, are easy to use and economically efficient.

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UK forger set for nuclear expansion

UK-based Sheffield Forgemasters International has gone from strength to  strength since a management buyout in 2005.  The company makes forgings for the nuclear industry and want to install a 15kt press to compete globally. Its existing certifications for such work puts it 10-15 years…

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