Conference Programme

All conference proceedings will take place in GMT time zone


10:00hrs| Welcome to the Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit 2022 by Matthew Moggridge, editor of Steel Times International and Programme Director of the Conference.

10:10hrs| Opening Keynote : Low Carbon Steel Production in the USA - Proven Technology and Proven Results by Philip Bell, President of the Steel Manufacturers Association.

10:30hrs| Options to increase the sustainability of EAF steelmaking by Dr.-Ing Thomas Echterhof, director at the Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

10:50hrs| Clean Steel Partnership - the accelerator towards Sustainable Steel Production in Europe by Klaus Peters, secretary-general, ESTEP; Enrico Malfa, research and development director, Tenova; and Johannes Rieger, area manager (raw materials and metallurgical processes) at K1-Met.

11:10hrs| Networking Break

11:40hrs| Steel and Iron Ore’s decarbonization roadmap in a 2050 net-zero scenario by Isha Chaudhary, principal analyst, steel and raw material markets, and Mihir Vora, principal analyst, steel and raw material markets, Wood Mackenzie.

12:00hrs| Defossilization – Through the Looking Glass by Dr Sara Hornby, founder and president, Global Strategic Solutions.

12:20hrs| Fundamental Research for Decarbonizing the Steel Industry by Professor Zushu Li, Advanced Steel Research Centre, WMG, University of Warwick, UK.

12:40hrs| Iron and Steelmaking – Transformation for Sustainability by Dr. Rizwan Janjua, Head of Technology, World Steel Association.

13:00hrs| Lunch and Networking Break

14:30hrs| Unlocking green steel - how the UK can reinvigorate, decarbonize and futureproof the steel industry by Marian d’Auria, global head of risk and sustainability, GFG Alliance.

14:50hrs| Responsible Steel – building a more sustainable steel industry by Annie Heaton, CEO, Responsible Steel.

15:10hrs| How Iron Ore Companies Plan to Decarbonize their Mining Trucks Fleet by Stanislav Zinchenko, chief executive officer, GMK Centre, Ukraine-based industrial think tank.

15:40hrs| Networking Break (20 minutes)

16:00hrs| Decarbonization without Deindustrialization by Berk Birand, founder and CEO, FeroLabs.

16:30hrs| Decarbonize steel and Ferroalloys while producing sustainable aviation fuels and chemicals by Sanjeev Manocha, business development director , Lanzatech.

16:50hrs| AI-driven temperature control at Marienhütte Graz: Energy savings and improved process control by Dr. Thomas Griessacher and Dr. Jan Daldrop, Smart Steel Technologies.

17:10hrs| Conference Closes


10:00hrs| Digitally supported technologies to support sustainable steel production by Dr. Mojca Loncnar, sustainable development project co-ordinator, SIJ Acroni, SIJ Group.

10:10hrs| Artificial intelligent operators as an instrument to decrease fuel and electricity consumption, by Boris Voskresenskii, founder of Arcadia Steel.

10:30hrs| 21st Century Steel for Packaging by Alexis Van Maercke, secretary-general of the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL).

10:50hrs| Crafted Scrap - Advanced Technology for High Quality Green Steel Production by Heiner Guschall, founder and CEO of SICON Germany; Cristiano Tercelli, head of technology and Innovation, Primetals Technologies; and Andreas Melcher, product lifecycle manager, scrap yard automation, electrics and automation, Primetals Technologies.

11:10hrs| Networking Break

11:40hrs| Hydrogen-ready Energiron : the way to zero GHG emissions by Ashton Hertrich Giraldo, sales engineer, Danieli Centro Metallics.

12:20hrs| Expanded recycled refractory production to reduce the steel industry’s carbon footprint, by Martin Pischler Senior Vice President, Head of Environment/Energy at RHI Magnesita.

12:40hrs| Sustainable Steelmaking for the Production Processes of Today and Tomorrow by Mukesh Jain, global product manager, Metals Systems Solutions, ABB.

13:00hrs| Lunch and Networking Break

14:30hrs| Decarbonizing the hot rolling process by Alessandro Della Rocca, business development manager (Hydrogen) at Tenova SpA.

14:50hrs| Molten Oxide Electrolysis - a scalable and viable path towards emissions-free steel by Adam Rauwerdink, senior vice president, business development, Boston Metal.

15:10hrs| 360-degree Approach to Empower Steel Production by Dipl-Ing. Gunther Schober, business development at PSI Metals.

15:40hrs| Networking Break (30 minutes)

16:10hrs| Hy Stor Energy’s Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub - Green hydrogen production and storage at scale making green steel a reality today, by Claire Behar, chief commercial officer, Hy Stor Energy.

16:30hrs| Carmeuse, the right partner of steelmakers for green and sustainable steel by François Ponchon, European director of innovation and technology, Carmeuse Group.

16:50hrs| What needs to happen now to decarbonize steel by Wayne Bridger, UK sales manager for decarbonization and hydrogen applications, BOC.

17:10hrs| Conference Closes

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