Jörg Hackmann

Managing Director


PSI Metals


Mr. Jörg Hackmann is Managing Director of PSI Metals. He has 30 years experience in the metals industry as solution architect and project manager for many MES and SCM projects. Since the beginning of 2020 Mr. Hackmann has been managing director of PSI Metals and responsible for products and technology, business consulting and global support. He holds a Master in applied mathematics.


Major Advancement with New AI-Based Software Solutions to Increase Production Efficiency and Quality - Smart Steel Technologies and PSI Metals launch Three AI-Based Applications for the Steel Industry.

Smart Steel Technologies and PSI Metals present their three jointly developed AI-based software solutions designed to help steel companies improve the production efficiency and quality of advanced steel products to meet the highest market demands.

PSI's extensive metals industry experience and process knowledge is further elevated with SST's profound AI and machine learning expertise in the steel sector. The joint solutions are achieved by combining the implementation of AI-based software with production management-related software.

The new solutions digitize applications at every single stage of the steel making process – from the liquid phase to strip finishing.

The jointly developed solutions will be applied in the areas of product-to-order-reallocation, slab and coil classification and temperature and liquid steel control.

Especially the solution for temperature and liquid steel control will lead to a more efficient use of resources, assisting the steel industry in their approach to produce green steel.