Dr. Kisoo Kim

Head of Process and Engineering Research Lab




Dr. Kisoo Kim is the head of the Process and Engineering Research Lab at POSCO. He is currently working on Industry 4.0 technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, and is leading innovative research on steel manufacturing facilities and processes. He has served as a researcher at the POSCO technical research labs for 31 years, and has developed high-quality steel products. He graduated from the Department of Metallurgical Engineering at Seoul National University and obtained a master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from POSTECH. He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK.


AI-Human Ensemble Operation in Steel Manufacturing Processes by Dr. Kisoo Kim, head, Process and Engineering Research Lab, POSCO.

POSCO has applied AI algorithms in more than 90 sites in steel works since 2016.

It has found that AI can enable autonomous operations in steel-making processes, but the combination of AI and existing physical models ensures more stable quality control and cost reduction; the Al-Human Ensemble Model defines this concept. The level of completion and accuracy of the Ensemble Model varies depending upon the level of collaboration between academia, SMEs, start-ups, and experienced operators, which is the key to a smart factory equipped with IoT technologies and AI models in the steel industry.