Crick Waters

SVP Enterprise




Crick leads Customer Success for Falkonry and in that role engages both customers and partners. Crick is an expert at connecting Falkonry’s cognitive capabilities to industrial yield improvement objectives due to his experience on both sides.

He has successfully founded or co-founded several companies, one of which, Ribbit, provided a $100M+ exit upon its acquisition by British Telecom. He has created game-changing physical and digital products in diverse industries such as telecom, paper, and non-wovens, and has been awarded three patents. Crick is also an InfoWeek Top-Ten Startup award winner. Crick’s career spans nuclear engineering, industrial engineering, telecommunications, and software. He studied Electrical Engineering from Duke followed by Nuclear Engineering at the Bettis Reactor with associated work in the US Navy. He also has an MBA from Duke University.


Thanks to the rapid adoption of digital technologies in steelmaking, a typical modern steel plant is capturing operational data at a volume and velocity like never before. Yet there are numerous performance gaps leading to operational blind spots – unplanned downtimes still happen, process variances go undetected and quality defects lead to scrap.

Just like having a wearable fitness tracker doesn’t make one a doctor, operational data without any intelligence cannot provide the required preventive or curative insights at the right time. What is required is real time operational visibility and actionable insights that can prevent unwanted events before they happen.

Join this presentation to learn about Falkonry’s experience in scaling AI in production and the impact it has on business outcomes by minimizing unplanned downtimes by up to 50% for its customers. The presentation concludes with some lessons learned about integrating the Operational AI solution to existing decision making systems and what it takes to make the AI on the ground more trustworthy and easier to adopt.