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April 2014

April 2014

The European steel industry takes centre stage in this edition of Steel Times International, courtesy of an exclusive interview with Gordon Moffat, director-general of EUROFER, a Brussels-based lobbying group at the heart of Europe representing the interests of European steelmakers.

According to Moffat, the European approach to climate policy is not necessarily the right one and a more pragmatic approach is needed. He argues that products produced by European steelmakers save six times as much C02 as they produce and that, for this reason, the approach taken should not be punitive, but rather more inclusive and more collaborative.

Moffat also took centre stage at a recent CRU World Steel conference in Prague at which he hammered home his message to delegates. Moffat wants a climate policy in Europe that is cost-free for the most efficient producers and one that provides an incentive for less efficient steelmakers to improve their performance in terms of carbon reduction. Readers will find coverage of the CRU conference in the April issue.

In fact, the environment is a major theme of this issue, which also carries articles from the American Iron & Steel Institute and from Russula on the subjects of steel utility poles versus wood and a water treatment system for a Severstal mini mill.

There is also an interesting article from Siemens VAI on electric steelmaking in which Markus Dorndorf and Daniel Tieseler discuss holistic process control for electric arc furnaces.

Readers will also find the third and final part of Steel Times' exclusive interview with Dr. Edwin Basson, director-general of worldsteel, and two interesting technical articles from Steel Authority of India (SAIL) on sintering and continuous casting.

This month's Perspectives Q&A is from Michael J Klauck, president of the Canadian company Can-Eng. The company is focused on long products and is seeing strong demand from the open and closed die forging industry for reheating furnaces for ingots, blooms and billets.

We have Update articles on the USA, Latin America, China, Japan and India and a very interesting History page from Harry Hodson on the role of iron and steel in the manufacture of weapons.

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March 2014

March 2014

Welcome to the March 2014 edition of Steel Times International. This month we report from Istanbul where Metal Bulletin held its excellent Steel Success Strategies conference. The event covered all bases in terms of the global steel industry and fielded some top notch speakers, including World Steel Dynamics' managing partner, Peter Marcus, who pointed out many things, including his belief that the Chinese economy will crash into the Great Wall before too long. The event discussed emerging economies, stagnating steel demand, the overcapacity issue and positive vibes coming out of the GCC countries.

Readers will also be interested in part two of Steel Times International's exclusive interview with World Steel's director-general, Dr. Edwin Basson. In this issue he discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Watch out for the third and final part of the interview in our forthcoming April edition, which will be out soon.

Last November's Stahl 2013 in Dusseldorf was a great success and in this issue we publish an article by Bernard O'Connor of European lawyers NCTM O'Connor on unfair trade practices. According to O'Connor, while the European Union has promoted the idea that there should be global competition to ensure fairness in the global marketplace, its trading partners have not agreed to launch negotiations on the creation of an international competition watchdog – or the fair standards to be applied by that watchdog.

As always, there are a host of technical articles, focusing this month on furnaces and continuous casting. We have three Update articles from the USA, Latin America and China and our Perspectives Q&A is from the Swiss company MTAG Technology AG's proprietor, Adrian Bodea.

This month's History page on Tyrolian cultural heritage is written by Fathi Habashi of Laval University, Quebec City, Canada.

I hope you enjoy the issue.

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January/February 2014

January/February 2014

Welcome to the first issue of 2014, which comes to you courtesy of a new editor, Matthew Moggridge, who takes over from Dr. Tim Smith who retired late last year.

We have an exciting issue for you. It carries an exclusive interview with worldsteel's director-general, Dr. Edwin Basson, who welcomed Steel Times International to the organisation's Brussels headquarters last December. Dr. Basson spoke at length about the global steel industry and talked extensively about a number of issues. In this the first of two interviews, we talked at length about the Chinese steel industry. Dr Basson believes that greater two-way communication is needed between Chinese and non-Chinese steelmakers and argues that the West can learn a lot from the Chinese. "They can build technological installations in half the time or speed that the rest of the world can do it," he told Steel Times International, adding that worldsteel has a standing request from its members to do everything possible to interface with Chinese steel producers and continue to build a strong relationship there.

Also in this issue we have an article by steel consultant Keith Walker who talks about the key objectives of metallurgists: to produce better in-service performance by attempting to improve the mechanical properties of steel and enabling the use of steel in new and onerous applications.

Steel Times International's USA correspondent, Myra Pinkham examines how the US steel industry and port transportation groups alike are touting the importance of recent governmental initiatives that could result in increased infrastructure improvements for the nation's inland and coastal ports.

We have a report from the 54th Alacero Conference, which was held in Peru in November last year in which Germano Mendes de Paula concludes that the world steel industry will witness moderate growth over the coming years and that Latin America will not be an exception to that rule.

Italian steelmaking equipment giant Danieli are still growing and thriving, according to a company profile penned by former Steel Times International editor Tim Smith, and we carry and article on Altos Hornos de Mexico (AHMSA) and its new water treatment plant installed at the company's Steckel plate mill in Monclova, Northern Mexico.

In a new regular Q&A feature, we hear from Mike Wheeler, president of USA-based Guild International who believes that the steel industry has an amazing future ahead of it as long as it phases out older, less efficient, highly polluting plants.

As always we have a healthy news section and Update articles on the USA, Latin America and China and last but not least, the History Page, this month written by Harry Hodson.

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