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July August

July August

July August Steel Times International takes a look at the past 60 years of oxygen steelmaking, the latest developments in large scale mechanical vacuum pumps for degassing steel and reports on three major conferences: AISTech, Eurocoke and Platt’s Steel Markets Europe.

Regular features include four regional Updates this issue: USA, Latin America, Japan and India as well as news, statistics and Events.

The regular history page is on stainless steel to commemorate 100 years since the discovery of ferritic steels by Henry Brearley in Sheffield.

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The May/June issue features steel markets and automation.

Ovako Steel’s quest for ultra clean steels by careful control of melting and secondary steelmaking enables them to meet the stringent quality requirements of the bearings industry and other applications such as fuel injectors, without the expense of resorting to remelted steels.

The rapidly growing OCTG market in the USA to meet the expanding demand for the extraction of shale gas which requires deeper drilling and horizontally drilled wells is discussed in a series of interviews .

The high value added market of automotive steels is addresses with an article on the WorldAutoSteel’s FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) project which has succeeded in achieving a weight saving of 39% in the body mass by the use of advanced high strength steels and optimum forming and joining technologies.

The feature on automation examines centralised PLC operation on a reheat furnace at Sail’s Durgapur works and also dedicated warehouse management at the ThyssenKrupp Steel Service Centre in Krefeld, Germany.

Other features cover reports on the CIS Metal’s Summit in Moscow, a report on the British Stainless Steel’s annual meeting in Sheffield, a description of a visit to Interpipe’s new EAF plant in Ukraine, a paper on water treatment and one on insulating fibre board refractory material.

A model for reducing the deflection of caster rolls is presented in a detailed article posted on the STI web site

Regular features are the History page, Regional ‘Updates’ for USA, Latin America and China as well as News, Statistics and a listing of forthcoming events.

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April 2013

April 2013

Environment is a key feature in the April edition of Steel Times International with nearly half the issue devoted to this topic.

Three articles relate to scrap recycling in China which, despite contributing 84Mt to steelmaking in 2012, is still an underutilised resource since EAF steel production accounts for only 10% of steel output – and much of this charges molten or cold pig iron − while BOF oxygen steelmaking charges on average only 7% of scrap, well below most western steelmakers.

Other features on the environment are a report on the final trials of the ULCOS experimental top gas recycling blast furnace, an article on LanzaTech’s fermentation process to convert CO into ethanol and other chemical pre-cursors, methods of reducing energy consumption in electric motors at SAIL’s plants in India and the latest CSP Flex thin slab – rolling lines which provide a 40% energy saving compared with conventional casting and rolling.
The second feature is electric arc steelmaking with a paper from Air Liquide which address operations under non-conventional conditions of liquid metal and/or DRI charging.

Conference reports detail CRU’s recent World Steel gathering in Hong Kong and the Met coke world summit  recently held in Pittsburgh.

There are four ‘Updates’ in this issue as the regular USA, Latin American and Chinese columns are supplemented by ‘Japan Update’ which appears four times a year.

As usual, News Statistics and Events occupy the first four pages of the issue.

The regular History feature reviews a remarkable DVD recently released by the British Film Institute which contains 20 archive films covering UK steelmaking dating from 1901 to 1987.

April 2013 Contents

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