Latin American Steel: A retrospective in 101 Essays
A history or iron & steel - to commemorate 25 years of Russula


The October issue features ironmaking, Safety & Training, a report on the BSE EAF seminar held in Germany earlier in the summer, the competition between steel and aluminium in light weighting automobiles in USA, the use of steel in offshore wind power generation and two articles on India, one lamenting the loss of foreign direct investment on several projects in recent months and the other on a government sponsored campaign to improving energy efficiency in re-rolling mills.

The ironmaking feature includes an article on the use of HBI charged to the blast furnace to increase productivity and reduce the carbon footprint and an article on rapid X-Ray analysis of ore for optimised sinter production.

Regular features include News, Statistics, regional updates on USA, China and Latin America, and the History page from a new contributor, that looks at the delights ‘rusty iron’ can offer the industrial historian.

A feature on the web describes the use of computer simulation during casting – both continuous and ingot − in three French steel mills

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September 2013

September 2013

The Rolling feature in the September issue looks at the greater precision possible in the product when using of a full frame mill stand rather than housingless for long product rolling, the advantages of updating mills through retrofits and the use of CCD cameras for the detection and diagnosis of mill cobbles.

The stainless and special steels feature examines the use of a combined burner/injector in the EAF for the production of special steels in which the mode of operation differs from their application in carbon steels, reports on the recent stainless steel conference held in New Orleans and a visit to the former ThyssenKrupp plant at Calvert, Alabama and a technical review of the properties of the three main grades of stainless steels.

 Other articles include a report on the Steel Success Strategies conference held each year in New York, and how the reintroduction of an import tax on scrap to India has hit the country’s ability to recycle at a critical time of ore shortage.

Regular features are the regional Updates, News, statistics and events, and the History page which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Historical Metallurgy Society, based in UK but open to all.

On the web their is a report on two recent Metal Bulletin conferences on iron ore and DRI.

September 2013 Contents

July August

July August

July August Steel Times International takes a look at the past 60 years of oxygen steelmaking, the latest developments in large scale mechanical vacuum pumps for degassing steel and reports on three major conferences: AISTech, Eurocoke and Platt’s Steel Markets Europe.

Regular features include four regional Updates this issue: USA, Latin America, Japan and India as well as news, statistics and Events.

The regular history page is on stainless steel to commemorate 100 years since the discovery of ferritic steels by Henry Brearley in Sheffield.

July August Contents

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