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Latin American Steel: A retrospective in 101 Essays
April 2015

April 2015

If Steel Times International was a different sort of magazine – one sold in newsagents and with broader public appeal – the front cover of this month’s print edition might have been totally different. It might have been green. It might have sported a photograph of rolling hills or wind turbines – anything that brings to mind ‘the environment’.

The reason is simple: This month we concentrate on sustainability, climate policy and saving the planet in what could be called our ‘green issue’.

While it would be easy to dismiss the steel industry as ‘not very green’, the opposite is closer the truth. Yes, steel production is a heavy industrial process, but let’s not forget that steel is 100% recyclable and that 75% of all the steel products ever made are still in use today and that buildings and other structures made from steel can last for more than 100 years if properly maintained.

We kick off with an article based on the latest publication from worldsteel, Steel in the Circular Economy – a life cycle perspective. The key message is that ‘people’ are often obsessed with the use-phase of products made from steel when a broader life cycle assessment should be considered to establish steel’s true ‘green credentials’.

The argument put forward by worldsteel is that the ‘circular economy’ reflects the true value of steel to society in terms of its environmental impact on the planet and that ‘life cycle thinking’ is the only way to assess steel’s true sustainability.

Carlo Pettinelli, director of Sustainable Growth and EU2020 at the European Commission (EC) outlines how the EC is ready to play its part in helping the steel sector remain competitive despite the challenges of overcapacity, high energy costs, volatile raw materials prices and a regulatory burden ‘that implies certain costs’.

In an article entitled EU climate policy under scrutiny, Gareth Stace, head of climate & environment at the Engineering Employers Federation, argues that the EU’s climate and energy policy framework is no simpler or more predictable for steelmakers than it was when the European steel sector first grappled with it a decade ago.

Finnish stainless steel producer Outokumpu argues that stainless steel is a ‘dream material’ for sustainable living while Fives Stein, a steel production technology provider, discusses its eco-design philosophy in relation to reducing GHG emissions from the furnace.

We move on to electric steelmaking with an article on the principles behind Organic Rankine Cycle-based waste heat recovery systems from Italian technology provider Turboden.

Looking after the environment is one thing, but looking after people is something else. In an exclusive interview, worldsteel’s director of safety, technology and environment, Henk Reimink,  argues that good leadership determines plant safety while Myra Pinkham says that most steelmakers in the USA have some kind of safety programme in place but that the key is to avoid complacency.

All the above, plus our regular features – news, country updates, Q&A and the much-loved History page – can be found in the April 2015 edition of Steel Times International.


April 2015 Contents

Recent News

Alacero voices concern over China

With Latin America the second largest international market for Chinese steel products – accounting for 10% of shipments – and Chinese steel exports to the region last year over 9Mt, it’s no wonder that Alacero (the Latin American Steel Association) is concerned about China’s installed overcapacity.

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NLMK signs agreement for new Lipetsk gas cleaning system

NLMK Group has signed an agreement with Luxembourg-based Paul Wurth SA for the engineering and supply of equipment for a new gas cleaning unit at the company’s 3.2Mt/yr blast furnace 6 located at the steelmaker’s Lipetsk production site.

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North American steel bosses talk China

China was very much top-of-mind for senior steel executives in the USA at the recent AISTech convention in Cleveland, Ohio,USA.

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Tata’s new UK-based R&D centre takes shape

A deal between Tata Steel and the University of Warwick will help scientists in the development of stronger and lighter steels, claims the UK-based steelmaker.

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Recent Features

Optimising Consteel continuous scrap feeding with roof-fed DRI

For EAF furnaces charged jointly with scrap and with DRI through the roof, feeding the scrap via a Consteel pre-heater conveyor rather than by bucket enables a shorter power-on time, increases productivity and improves all other operating parameters, except carbon injection, resulting in a significant saving in electrical energy. By F Memoli*, J A T Jones** & F Picciolo***

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No room for complacency

Safety in any heavy industrial environment is top priority, and the key to a safer steel production plant is impeccable leadership and constant awareness of the risks. Keeping workers safe is initiated from the top down and there's no room for complacency. By Matthew Moggridge, editor of Steel Times International

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What goes around, comes around

When determining the 'green' credentials of steel should we be concentrating purely on the use-phase, such as car tailpipe emissions, or make a wider life cycle assessment? 

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Monocon International Refractories

UK-based Monocon International Refractories are looking to recruit a UK and International Sales Manager and Product Managers.

Founded 40 years ago, the company is based in South Yorkshire, employs 120 people and boasts a turnover of approximately £30 million. 

The company has recently made a substantial investment in a new technology centre aimed at expanding the company's product portfolio and enhance its current product range.

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